Hair Care

Haircut and Style

At Designworks we believe the haircut is the foundation of style. Our designers and stylists are expertly trained to work with the shape of your face, your hair texture and growth patterns to create the most complementary look for you. We utilize our expertise and creativity to help you select the look that best expresses your unique personality. Whether you prefer classic, contemporary, or trendy, our stylists can recommend a cut that matches your hairstyle to your personal style. Included is a consultation, stress-relieving treatment, and cosmetic touch-up.
30 – 45 min

Haircut & Style
Children's Cut (12 and under)
Child Cut & Style (12 and under)
Haircut & Style35+
Children's Cut (12 and under)17+
Child Cut & Style (12 and under)25+

Hair Treatments

Botanical Repair™ Hair Treatment
Botanical Repair™ Hair Treatment20+

The “+” sign indicates price variations among service providers based on education and experience. Learn what sets our service providers apart. Price varies on hair length, texture and thickness.